We’ve made product fundraising even easier by making it mobile! Participation rates for product sales have dropped in recent years as door-to-door sales has become time consuming and somewhat scary.  Today, both parents and students are always on their phones, so we take fundraising and put it right in front of them.

Crazy About Cookies Gourmet Cookie Dough

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2.7 lb Tub Cookie Dough

2.7 lb Pre-Portion Cookie Dough

2 lb Tub Cookie Dough

How it Works

You can create a campaign for an organization or group by signing up with TurboText. You have the ability to sell any combination of your available products. You can even forgo products and opt for different donation amounts.

You will get a mobile friendly website and social media sharing apps that help you sell your products. You set the type of delivery options. Customers can then pay online from a text message link and can share the campaign with others. No more forms to fill out or money envelopes to keep track of.

Group leaders & participants get detailed reports to deliver the purchased products. Detailed reporting is provided to close out and/or upload to suppliers. You can track your progress and collect your payments in real time.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Coaches, coordinators or even yourself can easily send a follow up text message to the participants rights from your phone, which helps keep the campaign front and center.
  • Sell one kind of product or many different ones!
  • Maybe just ask for Monetary Donation!
  • You get your own Mobile friendly website!
  • You get Free Social Sharing Tools
  • Your supporters pay right online
  • Your supporters can even invite other people to help you!
  • You have full control over delivery options
  • Group Leaders and Participants get detailed reports in Real Time so Track your Success in Real Time for the first time ever!

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