Turbo Text has replaced plastic discount cards forever!  Turbo Text helps you sell your fully custom Mobile Discount Card Program in minutes right from your cell phone.  Your Supporters will buy your Mobile Discount Card Program and redeem the incredible offers right from their cell phone.

How it Works

Partnering with the industries top App designers allows us to create your group a fully custom Mobile Digital Discount Card featuring local businesses in your immediate area. Gone are the days of carrying those tiny hard to read plastic discount cards you always forget to use!

You will use your Mobile friendly website and all the most popular social sharing Apps to sell your Digital Cards. You simply text-tweet-email and Facebook anyone you want to support you. As an added bonus your supporters pay online from their phones so you never have to chase down money or deliver any cards!

Supporters download your Digital Card and redeem their incredible offers by simply showing their phone to the local businesses participating on your card. They can even set reminders for their favorite places so they never forget to use them!

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Launch a fundraiser in minutes
  • Ability to create a mobile responsive website for each fundraiser
  • Each fundraising participant will have their own fundraising page with their own picture/video
  • Customization including school/team logo or video
  • Facebook, Twitter, Email, and TEXT MESSAGE sharing buttons
  • Convenient reminders of available discounts when in proximity of discount location
  • Ability for supporter to pay immediately with Debit/Credit/PayPal
  • Detailed and exportable reporting available anytime
  • Get paid immediately at the conclusion of selling period.

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